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20 Комментарии

  1. Kenzphotograph Y:

    all this bullshit! There s some future conspiracy to do with Videocards )

  2. Captain Mishu Gaming:

    so u make 374 million dollars per year? what the fuck thats insane

  3. Dave Towm:

    It is amazing

  4. Kluski z Truskawkami:


  5. mrdave2112:

    Are the computer processing facilities being built for cryptos around the world really for the government? Is satoshi  Nakamoto the government and how do you know? I hope I get an answer.

  6. sjh7132:

    It's just Megawatts, not Megawatts per hour.

  7. joe nodden:

    Lol, now I bet they're out of business.

  8. davlmt:


  9. I - News:

    Хело френз… Ай рисентли стамулд апон да сорс абаут…..

  10. Dread Lord:

    What can you benefit from bitcoin mining again?

  11. Petros Komninos:

    gift me one if bitcoin fails <3

  12. Deine Mudda:

    Children in Africa could have eaten those bitcoins…

  13. Ketty Brown:

    I have invested in more than 5O ICOs . To be honest , Strong team is great rewards in this industry. For upcoming ICOs , GIG9 is my favourite choice . Incredible concept by the prestigious Oxford university UK students . Totally into this ??

  14. Aisan Fadhli:

    can anyone donate me need money for dental implant god bless u all
    btc adress- 3QTD5RpSXw3zMByejMfeKy9nHHaULxzFRP

  15. Dovahkiin:

    14 th/s x 3000=42000 th/s = 1.10 million dollar per month

  16. Claudio Shaji Bravo:

    Send us Litcoins and you will get back more.


    Send us 0.1 LTC and get 0.3 LTC.
    0.5 LTC -> 1 LTC
    1 LTC — 2 LTC
    More and more.

  17. Ronald C Krause Jr:

    For anything relating to BitCoin mining; whether it is one single computer (or asic miner) — use solar/battery.

    Get two computers or two asic that run under 3k watt total or go use any system — even the most powerful miner on the planet. Using the starting system as an example — the cost of the 3k solar/battery system doesn't take all that long to recover the full amount of the hardware. Take a look at how much one would make from day one — then eventually factor in how much one would make once the solar/battery system is paid for.

    I honestly cannot figure out why anyone would not run solar/battery for mining

  18. Don Mega:

    Destroying the planet to create nothing tangible.

    Most of the electricity generated in russia definitely isn't from renewable sources.

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