Building a Cryptocurrency Mining Farm / Genesis Mining #EvolveWithUs — The Series Episode 2

РП БУДНИ | Garry’s Mod DarkRP #3 | МАЙНИНГ ФЕРМА (ч.1) [Гаррис Мод ДаркРП | GMod Dark RP]

Iceland — May 2017. On behalf of Genesis Mining, Head of Operations Philip Salter explains the challenges of building a cryptocurrency mining farm!

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20 Комментарии

  1. Szneky91:

    pls send to me 1 miner rig pls

  2. ThanksMia:

    because of this mofos the mining difficuty is to the roof before talking about how hard scaling is talk about how hard is doing a platine youreself or disign a gpu youreself the only way i got gpu´s were used or death ones i backed and mining farms destroy the whole market to make money on crypto, they sometines shipping more gpu than a store even have mofos farms

  3. BlockChainDP:

    Amazing, every video is a new lesson, thanks for share 🙂

  4. John Salter:


  5. Valumin:

    I'd find it satisfying to work on their cable management xD

  6. Md.Shamsul Islam Toufiq:

    how to start mining…please tell me fully…
    how can i get profit.???
    tell me details please… thank you…

  7. Cheng Wei:

    damd boy this is next level

  8. You GameR:

    What kind of GPU Is Genisis Mining using?

  9. Vasu Raju:

    When did u start Bitcoin minning and other coins

  10. Rick Deckard:

    lol excellent explanation

  11. Ersin Özgenç:

    how can we partner up mate, I have ton of computers running and almost paying noting for electricity 😉

  12. Jorge Avella:

    I do not see by any side, the help to the client, I do not understand this situation, if you provide a service, I need to reopen who can help me with that please? can you contact me and help me thanks

  13. eerereps:

    3:06 I don't know what actually happened, but I can imagine that hell! LoL!

  14. DeadlyVenomKing:

    How u daisy chain them

  15. Ruben Pires:

    well done gentlemen+women. make sure you are making this ecological and sustainable 😉

  16. Crypto Action:

    whats your scale for the next year? @genesismining

  17. yoman8232:

    Stupid question, when are contracts coming back?

  18. Alex Moorhouse:

    Any chance of getting a parts list?

  19. Genadij Iv:

    I think Genesis Mining is very great mining company.

  20. MrBrooxy:

    Its like he has an english australian accent but something else mixed in and im not sure what maybe a bit of icelandic

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